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Mark Bittman, writing recently in the New York Times, says Berlin is "following in the footsteps of New York and London, where imported cuisines are generally preferable to indigenous ones."

He opines that Berlin has "world-class restaurants, with beautiful surroundings and kitchens that would rate among the best anywhere."

Four very expensive restaurants recommended by Mr. Bittman include:

Portalis (French) Kronenstrasse 55-58, tel. +49/030/2045 5496, fax 2045 5498

VAU (Mediterranean) Jägerstraße 54-55, tel. +49/030/2029 730, fax 2029 7311

Zum Hugenotten (Asian fusion) Intercontinental Hotel, Budapesterstrasse 2, tel. +49/030/2602 1263, fax 2602 2600

First Floor (French) Palace, Hotel Budapesterstrasse 42, tel. +49/030/2502 1020, fax 2502 1161

Notes for Readers

  • Foreign currency prices are converted to U.S. dollars at the exchange rate in effect at the time of publication.
  • Hotel prices listed are for one night. Discounts are often available for longer stays.
  • All hotel prices include breakfast unless otherwise noted.
  • Local European telephone area codes carry the "0" required for in-country dialing. To phone establishments from outside the country, such as from the USA, do not dial the first "0".

Hotel & Restaurant Rating Key

Rating Scale Scale

  • Excellent 16 - 20
  • Above Average 12 - 15
  • Average 8 - 11
  • Adequate 4 - 7
  • Unacceptable 0 - 3

Hotel Rating Criteria

  • People/Service 30%
  • Location/Setting 15%
  • Guestrooms 30%
  • Public rooms 5%
  • Facilities/Restaurant 20%

Restaurant Criteria

  • Food 65%
  • Service 20%
  • Atmosphere 15%

Special Designation

By virtue of location, decor, charm, warmth of management, or combination thereof, an especially pleasant establishment.


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