New Plans for "Hitler House"

The Austrian town of Branau, birthplace of Adolf Hitler, has plans to transform the place where he was born into a "house of responsibility," that will remind visitors of past atrocities in order to prevent future ones. Ironically, the crumbling, three-story building is currently a handicraft workshop for mentally and physically disabled Austrians, people Hitler wanted to exterminate.

Branau is about 35 miles north of Salzburg.

Free Food, Wine Info on Ticino

The Swiss canton of Ticino has a new brochure about the regions wines, cheeses, and liqueurs, plus a list of wineries that can be visited (English-speaking ones are noted) and a list of the best restaurants in the region. The brochures back page contains phone, fax and email for all the cantons main and local tourist offices. Contact: Ticino Turismo, Casella Postale 1441 Via Lugano 12, CH-6501 Bellinzona, Switzerland. Request "Ticino Gastronomia."

Baking Museums

The Swiss town of Echallens, directly north of Lausanne, is home to La Maison du Ble et du Pain (The Wheat and Bread House), a museum devoted to the story of wheat and bread from pre-history to the present. There are audiovisual presentations about wheat farming and exhibits of ancient millstones. An on-site working bakery allows visitor participation and a café serves the bakery's products. The museum is open from 9am to 6pm daily, except Monday, from March 1 to December 15. Contact: La Maison du Ble et du Pain, Place de lHotel de Ville, CH-TK Echallens, Switzerland. Tel. +41/04121/881 5071.

In the Valaisian ski resort of Saas Fe, the Imseng Bakery has an exhibit of bread molds and other bakery tools in a 1920s bakery environment. Open every day from 7am to 7pm, admission is free. Contact: Baeckermuseum Saas-Fee, CH-3906 Saas Fee, Switzerland, tel. +41/04127/958 1258, fax 958 1255

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