A must-see in the region is the Gianadda Foundation, an eclectic gathering of fine art and cultural and archaeological artifacts, founded in the late 70s by Leonard Gianadda in homage to his brother, Pierre, who was killed in 1976 trying to rescue friends from an airplane crash.

He built his futuristic cultural center on the site of the ruins of a Gallo-Roman temple he discovered while preparing to construct an apartment house.

Following are some of the Gianadda's current and future events.

• A season of some 15 classical music concerts featuring world-renowned musicians held in the center's concert hall.

• On exhibit every day through November 11, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., are 150 works of Joan Miro.

• Another exhibition running through November 11 is on Charlie Chaplain, the silent film star who lived in nearby Vevey.

• A permanent part of the Gianadda is 50 antique cars from the period 1897 to 1939, including a number of rare Swiss-made vehicles.

• The galleries of the Gianadda's Gallo-Roman Archaeological Museum overlook the ruins of the Roman temple uncovered in the 70s. There are Roman coins, jewelry, weapons and other artifacts and a walking tour through the site is offered.

• On the Foundation's pretty grounds is a permanent sculpture exhibition that includes the works of many well-known artists including Miro, Rodin, Brancusi, Dubuffet, Arp, Calder and several others.

• Scheduled for 1998 are a Paul Gauguin exhibition and a Diego Rivera-Frida Kahlo exhibition. Beginning January 18, 1998, Russian icons from the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow will be on display.

Admission is 12 Sfr. ($8) for adults, 9 Sfr. ($6) for seniors and 5 Sfr. ($3) for students and children over 10.

Pierre Gianadda Foundation, CH-1920 Martigny, tel. +41/027/722 3978, fax +41/027/722 5285.

August 1997