Announcing the new Eurail Selectpass, good in three countries. Eurail and Europass prices will not increase in 2001.

Three-Country Rail Pass Available in 2001

Next year, a new European rail pass will be introduced that should prove popular as well as save a few dollars for travelers to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The Eurail Selectpass debuts January 1, 2001. For a lower price than either the regular Eurailpass or Europass, the new Eurail Selectpass allows travelers to choose three countries, linked by rail or ferry, from among the 17 countries normally covered by the Eurailpass.

In the past, travelers wishing to restrict their train travel to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, had to purchase a Europass - which includes Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France and Spain - plus pay an additional fee to be able to travel by train in Austria. The charge for two persons for the five-day Europass Saverpass is $696. The new Selectpass Saver for five days for two persons will cost $560.

The Selectpass is a flexipass, meaning that travel days need not be consecutive. Passes are available for 5, 6, 8 or 10 days within a two-month period. Prices vary depending on the number of days selected. (See prices below). In addition to the Eurail Selectpass for individual travelers, there is a Eurail Selectpass Saver which provides a discount for two or more persons traveling together. Both passes are for first class travel. There will also be a Eurail Selectpass Youth (under 26) for travel in second class. Prices start at $230 for 5 days.

Validity Per Person Price
5 days/2 months $328
6 days/2 months $360
8 days/2 months $420
10 days/2 months $476

Validity Per Person Price
5 days/2 months $280
6 days/2 months $306
8 days/2 months $358
10 days/2 months $406

No Price Increase for Eurail and Europasses

At press time, Rail Europe and DER Tours, America's lone marketers of European rail passes were set to announce that, for the second straight year, Eurail and Europasses will not increase in price in the new year.

Given the strength of the dollar, such an announcement would not be a surprise.

The two companies also market a variety of single country and regional rail passes to the travel trade and to the general public. All rail passes are priced the same throughout the United States, whether purchased from DER or Rail Europe or from a travel agent. Gemütlichkeit readers can buy the entire range of passes from 800-521-6722 for the going rate but without the DER or Rail Europe charge for express delivery.

The 2001 prices for individual country passes such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and England was not available at press time.

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September 2000