Würzburg facts, a restaurant in Düsseldorf with an impressive wine list, and a special hotel find in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

More on Würzburg

Re: July 98 issue "In Praise of Würzburg".

1. Very well done as usual. May I add to it? The most famous art work in Würzburg, and considered to be superior world class, is the Tiepolo ceiling in the "Residence"-Bishop's Palace. Equals the Sistine Chapel.

2. The discoverer of the X-Rays, Professor Röntgen, made his discovery while teaching at the university there.

3. At a meeting at the Burg (fortress) in Nürnberg the Dean of the Würzburg Dental School was gulping down wine as if there was no tomorrow. When one of the participants remarked, "Professor, how can you drink so much?" His reply was, "Its the Bocksbeutel (the Baden-Würtemberg wine bottle), it's my patriotic obligation." We all had a good time.

Part 2 of a 2 part story: When in Düsseldorf (Lörick) try the Hummer Stubchen (Bonifatiusstr. 35, tel. +40/0211/59 79 79) and bring your financial adviser mit you. "All that's good and expensive" is on the wine list. A magnificent selection of -half bottles. A party of four could easily try five or six wines. Fixed menu about $100, before tax, tip and beverages. Count on $250 per person just to be on the safe side. It's worth every pfennig if you get in.

Dr. Anatol Chari
Laguna Beach, CA

Garmisch-Partenkirchen Find

Why should only I benefit from the delights a favorite place has to offer? Four years ago, my husband and I almost gave up on finding accommodations in Garmisch-Partenkirchen during a gloriously hot summer. We made a last ditch effort and found a well-appointed apartment in the Hotel Edelweiss.

The then out-of-the-way location (because of bridge repair) now translates into tranquility only a bridge and a few steps away from the center of Garmisch. Lately, I have headed for the Hotel Edelweiss during the winter-season. Each time, I and obviously other guests, have been treated like old friends.

I tend to be suspicious of overt friendliness, but there it is very genuine. Reservations for the end of year festivities should, however, be made in summer. The former tucked-away place seems to be accumulating quite a few delighted repeat guests who have been forming friendships among each other.

Visually, the hotel is exquisite. It has been in the Pilhofer family's possession for generations. The current owners, Johann Pilhofer and his partner, have appointed the hotel with art, antiques and quality furnishings. Wherever your eyes wander, you will find interesting and unique details. It will help knowing a few words in German. Mr Pilhofer and his longtime staff are most comfortable speaking German.

Although there is no elevator, a number of rooms of the hotel are wheelchair accessible.

Heide Bentle
Oak Park, IL

August 1998