Internet travel; an Austrian discovery; Self-catering in Germany; and the fur-flinging stops here.

Internet Travel Advice

I always look forward to and enjoy each issue of Gemütlichkeit. I read with particular interest the article in the September issue about the Internet. I have a connection to the Internet and I am astounded by the travel information available and more and more is added every day. I believe that the hypothetical situation that you set forth in your article is not years away but a matter of months. I wanted to share with you just a few of the Internet sites I have found that might be of interest. Here are their addresses: has general information about Munich as well as specific info about Oktoberfest. Information site about Bavaria

• This is an Austrian newspap0er—Voralberg Online—in German language only. News and views of Graz. A great source of info about Graz. I visited there in September and had a wonderful time. hikes around Vienna and other areas of Austria—the Austrian Press and Information Service site in Washington D.C. Index to German cultural sights

I checked out each of these sites tonight before sending this letter. If you cannot reach them through the web it is probably a typing error on my part. Let me know and I will recheck my information. I have many other travel related sites; you can check foreign currency exchange, read foreign newspapers, etc. I am also exchanging e-mail with people in Cologne, Salzburg, Claustal and Plauen. The possibilities for someone interested in the German-speaking countries are almost limitless.

Feel free to share this information with your readers.

Patrick Musick

Austria Discovery

During a recent business trip to Austria, I "stumbled upon" a delightful hotel worthy of consideration by your readers the Oberndorfer Seegasthof, in Attersee.

Located on the northwest edge of the Attersee, it is perfectly situated for an overnight stay for those passing through between Salzburg and Vienna...or, preferably, for a resort vacation. The lake and mountain views are eye-popping; the hospitality provided by innkeeper Josef Oberndorfer and his family (an 84-year, three generation tradition!) is superb; and the accommodations are pleasant, reasonably-priced and convenient.

The menu at the hotel's restaurant provides the frosting on the cake - it is simply the best food I encountered anywhere in the area. (The fresh lake trout is out of this world - worth a trip to Attersee for that alone!)

The Oberndorfers work hard to provide a perfect experience for their guests. And, from my perspective, they have succeeded. Your readers will be well advised to see for themselves.

Frederick W Hoffman

Dearborn MI

Self-Catering in Germany

In catching up on back issues recently, I noticed your discussion regarding self-catering units throughout Germany in the August 1995 issue, Travel Briefing article. It just so happens that I have stayed in the Haus Daniela in Cochem and just returned from my third stay at Ferienpark Alpina in Schwangau.

After a six week swing through Micronesia and Hawaii in September/October, I could hardly wait to get to Germany and feel some cold weather after the sweltering heat of the islands.

I had reserved a unit for one week at Alpina on this trip. But when I stepped onto the balcony of the fully-equipped, one-bedroom unit and saw the Füssen "Schloss" across the open meadows, Schloss Neuschwanstein to the left and the Forggensee to the right, I immediately paid for a second week! What a bargain 210 DM ($146) per week plus a nominal "Kurtax" and minimal charge for "daily bread" delivered fresh each morning from the very nice Hotel König Ludwig next door.

I walked at least five hours each day from November 23 to December 8 and still have not covered all the available trails after three visits - now I have to return in the spring. If any of your readers would like firsthand information, I'd be glad to correspond.

Charles Longo

Tuscon AZ

Air Conditioning, Last Chapter

I was astonished at the vitriolic letter to you by that guy in San Francisco (was his name "Claytor"?). After seeing his opinion of Gemütlichkeit, together with your candid observations and evaluations that mean so much to the publication, it's obvious to me what the nature of his handicap is. Mental. He's the sort of person that would be far happier sticking to Travel & Leisure and packaged American Express type tours.

I see you refunded his subscription costs. It's my pleasure to send you a check to replace what you sent back to that turkey, for I have long felt that Gemütlichkeit was a bargain at twice the subscription cost.

Frank Dunham

Ft. Worth TX

(Ed. Note: We are amazed how much fur flew over an innocent remark about air-conditioned hotel rooms. It's good to have readers like Mr. Dunham in our corner. We gratefully deposited his check and extended his subscription.)

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December 1995