A subscriber recommends hotels in Saas Fe, Switzerland, and St. Wolfgang, Austria.

Memorable Meals

I particularly enjoyed your "Dear Subscriber" column in the January issue. After 15 years I still remember the fabulous breakfast buffet at the Weisses Rössl Hotel in St. Wolfgang, Austria, as well as the single best meal my wife and I have ever had, our 10th anniversary dinner at the Waldhotel Fletschhorn, in Saas-Fee, Switzerland.

We were staying at the Fletschorn and I gave Hansgeorg Duetsch $200 for a special "surprise" dinner. His wife, Irma, cooked a spectacular meal for us.

We came into the dining room after most guests had started dinner, so my wife had no idea what the "pension" meal was for the evening.

We had such wonderful dishes as scrambled quail eggs served in their shells, and sautéed frogs legs served on two clear glass plates with local flowers pressed between the top and bottom plates.

One dessert course consisted of small scoops of six homemade sorbets, decoratively arranged on a serving plate. Each course came with an outstanding bottle of local Valais wine, which by the third course we had to start sharing with our neighboring tables.

The real fun was listening to the rest of the tables, who started muttering almost immediately: "Why are they getting that? We didn't get that course!" It took my wife almost three courses to figure out that something special was happening. I think it was the uproar over the frogs legs that finally alerted her.

After almost three hours, nine courses and six bottles of Switzerland's finest wines, we repaired to our room for a well-earned rest.

The Fletschhorn and its owners certainly deserve their Michelin star and three red "forks and spoons."

John Fellows
Torrance CA

February 1999