Hotels: Heidelberg, Stein am Rhein, Appenzell, Innsbruck, Salzburg, Regensburg, Tübingen, Strasbourg, Lake Constance, Graz

Hotel Near Heidelberg

I have been a subscriber to Gemütlichkeit for many years. I always enjoy reading it, and have used some of your suggestions on my travels to Switzerland and Germany.

Recently I spent four very enjoyable nights at the Schloss Michelfeld (ph. 7265/7041, fax 7265/279) in Angelbachtal-Michelfeld, Germany. The two rooms that I saw were fairly good size for German hotels. The dining room is superb, but it is French cuisine, not German. I suggest you take a look some time when you are driving through the Heidelberg-Karlsruhe area. A nice hotel situated in a small, quiet town that offers many pluses.

Wrede H Smith, President

Jolly Time Popcorn

Sioux City, IA

(Ed. Note: Mr. Smith should know that Jolly Time white popcorn is the"official" popcorn of Gemütlichkeit.)

A Full Report

Again your hotels were right on target! Hotel Adler (ph. 54/426161, fax 54/414440) in Stein am Rhein (Switzerland) closed for day, but the Ilge was a good alternative. Loved beds, bells, view and food at the Hotel Hecht (ph. 71/874780, fax 71/871047), Appenzell. Villa Blanka (ph. 512/892257, fax 512/893014) in Innsbruck, perfect for walking and nature. Pension Wolf (ph. 662/8434530) in Salzburg warm and cozy, Regensburg's (Germany) Bischofshof am Dom Hotel (ph. 941/59086, fax 941/53508), nice, and Nürnberg's Weinhaus Steichele (ph. 911/204378, fax 911/221914) excellent for location, room, restaurant and price. Tübingen we loved but ended up in a little pension as we gave up looking for anything else. Strasbourg's Hotel Rohan is superb...but you don't cover Alsace. Thanks for another good trip.

Janice & Bruce Struckman

Western Spring, IL

Hotel on Constance

You mentioned that in the future you would feature an article on Lake Constance (Bodensee) region. For several years I have spent a week or more in Rorschach, staying at the delightful Hotel Mozart (ph. 71/410632, fax 71/41 99 38). Rooms are cheerful, baths are modern and the breakfast buffet, included, is ample and delicious. While there is no "formal" dining room, the café features light dishes, hot and cold, and incomparable pastry. And the rates are reasonable indeed, Sfr. 100 ($74) for a single. The hotel is actually in Rorschach-Hafen and only steps from the station where frequent, free train service is available to Rorschach. As you well know, other places such as St. Gallen, Heiden, Vaduz (via Buchs), Stein am Rhein, Schaffhausen etc. are easily reached. There is also boat service to Meersburg in Germany and to the Insel Mainau. Do look into it and see what you think.

Susi E Kanuch

Van Nuys, CA

Graz Review

We found Schlossberg Hotel (ph. 316/872 4902) Graz, Austria, to be a very pleasant hotel, convenient to the center of the city and the funicular up the Schlossberg Hill. We paid approximately $191 per night for two persons in a double room, including breakfast buffet. Parking in the hotel garage is about $14.50 per night (and there is no other place to park). The hotel is a little hard to find in heavy city traffic. Front rooms are noisy. Back rooms are OK.

Matthias Sheeleigh,

Smuuit, NJ

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July 1994