Victoria Jungfrau responds to our rip; hotels - near Munich, in Bad Windsheim

Rip Reply

(The following is a response to our review of a meal in La Terrasse restaurant of Interlaken's excellent Victoria Jungfrau Hotel. The entire dinner was a disappointment, but we were especially critical of a first course risotto dish with rare white truffles which cost 69 Sfr. [$47]. We asked that it be divided and that was done, but we were charged an additional 20% to do so, making the final charge 83 Sfr. [$57]. Editor)

Dear Mr. Bestor,

Friends of ours as well as the office of Switzerland Tourism have passed us on the article you published about the Victoria Jungfrau in your March 21st issue. We are shocked to learn of your terrible experiences at our restaurant La Terrasse.

I follow your publication not absolutely regularly but in my opinion it is one of the very few gastronomical newsletters, which is backed up with professional knowledge and very tempting descriptions of fine places to go. Therefor I was even more shocked to learn what you experienced on November 25th, 1996. I would have loved to have had you inform me immediately of your disappointment. The products of a hotel are services delivered by people. In motivating and training our staff towards the goals of the Victoria-Jungfrau, I realized after having read your article, that we are still far away from our aim. On the other hand, having picked the Risotto with Tartuffi bianchi you had chosen a dish of a Connoisseur. The Tartuffo biancho does not grow in our country. The few times of the year, when they are in season, we get them from Italy at a price of Sfr. 2,200 ($1,507) per Kilo. A very thin slice of it, of one gram per slice, would cost around Sfr. 3.($2.05). This is definitely the most expensive item on our menu.

Your report gives the reader the impression of the Victoria-Jungfrau being one of the most expensive places. This is not the case. We believe in high quality of cuisine and services at a very fair price. That the risotto was heavily salted and thick with cheese just completes that image (sic).

I would have loved to return you the money you spent with us at the restaurant as our aim is full satisfaction of every single client. For highly respected journalists as yourselves, I would prefer to receive you during your next visit to Europe at the Victoria-Jungfrau. At that occasion we would like to show you what we understand under fine cuisine at the Victoria-Jungfrau!

We all at the Victoria-Jungfrau look very much forward having you soon again with us and remain in the meanwhile, dear Mr. Bestor, with best regards,

Very sincerely yours,

Emanuel Berger

Managing Director

Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Spa & Hotel

Bargain Hotel Near Munich

Peg and I found a good traditional German Gasthaus near Ebersberg about 40 km southeast of München. We have used the Gasthaus Huber (Bundesstr. 304, D-85560 Oberndorf bei Ebersberg, tel. 08092/31026, fax 08092/21442., singles 105 DM/$58, doubles 140 DM/$77, for several years as a "last night" hotel and also for München visits.

The Huber's guests are mostly German and it doesn't fill during Oktoberfest. Ebersberg is the last city on the S-Bahn line and is about 35 minutes to the München main rail station and two minutes more to the Hacker Bridge exit to fairgrounds. Ebersberg Bahnhof has free "park and ride."

The Huber food is traditional German and the beer is traditional München vom Fass. The breakfast is buffet and they will accommodate earlier than posted time service. The Huber is in the village of Oberndorf and is surrounded by farms, a great place for a good walk out of traffic.

The München airport is an easy trip from Ebersberg and the early morning Autobahn traffic can be avoided. Drive north a few km and pick up airport signs all the way.

Erskine Havens

Hendersonville TN

Good Value in Bad Windsheim

Enclosed find a brochure for the Pastorius Haus in Bad Windsheim, Germany. It is a real find for anyone traveling on a shoestring. My husband and I are both on the board of directors and had the privilege of running the Haus as hausparents Jan.-Mar. of this year until the new hausparents arrived from Michigan. They are both retired German teachers and very dedicated to make your stay a pleasant one.

On your next exploration tour, do include Bad Windsheim as it is centrally located in Franconia and can be used as a home base. While we were there, we had a group of 38 students from Poland for 8 days. The house was full but able to accommodate all.

I have taken quite a few small groups as well as larger groups and it has been very satisfactory.

Once you've stayed there, you will consider it "your home away from home."

Marion Snyder

Schnecksville PA

(Ed. Note: This hotel is operated by the nonprofit, U.S.-owned Pastorius Home Association, Inc in Germansville PA. Membership in the Association costs $10 per year and includes a regular newsletter, low-cost flights, and cultural excursions.

Anyone can stay in the hotel - officially the American-German Cultural Center - which has seven double rooms, three singles and two dormitory rooms with 12 beds each. Prices are 70 DM ($56) for a double room, 40 DM ($22) single and 25 DM ($14) per person in one of the dorms. All rooms have private bathroom with shower. Breakfast is included in the price.

The hotel is managed by Fred and Linda Hebel, originally from Michigan.

Pastorius-House, An der Heuwaag 1, D-91438 Bad Windsheim, tel. 09841/7078. Bad Windwheim is about 27 miles from Nürnberg, 35 miles from Würzburg and 45 miles from Bamberg.)

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July 1997