A recommended Vienna restaurant; a Prague hotel and tour guide tip; hotels in Vienna and the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana; praise for Garmisch-Partenkirchen's Gasthof Fraundorfer; and info on where to buy a great atlas published by the German Auto Club.

Vienna, Prague Comments

When we got back from Austria, I found your May issue in the stack of mail. We did indeed visit Restaurant Beograd on May 30, when the NATO bombing was going on. I had read about the restaurant in Gemütlichkeit, plus the Hotel Carlton Opera recommended it. The night we went was our first night there, so we ate earlier than normal. The garden was very pleasant and, even in our jet-lagged state, enjoyed a nice dinner - huge portions, delicious food. The service was neither overly solicitous nor indifferent or rude. The waiter obviously knew we were American (mom, dad and kid), and I felt we received no different service than the German speakers near us. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone, and it's especially handy to the very pleasant Hotel Carlton Opera (Georg was particularly nice to us at the hotel).

On this trip we visited Prague, which I know you report on from time to time. We stayed at the very wonderful Domus Henrici (Loretanska 11; tel. 042-2-2051 1369, fax 042-2-2051 1502; e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). They have a great web site at We made all our arrangements by e-mail and fax.

The hotel is in a building dated 1372 and has about eight rooms opening onto a lovely terrace overlooking a peaceful valley. It is a short walk to the castle and a little longer (about 15 minutes) to the old square. We stayed in room Number seven, a suite consisting of a living area with fold-out couch, bedroom, and the biggest bathroom I've seen in a hotel (19,950 Ck for 3 nights, which is about $195 per night, including extra charge for our teenager's bed).

Everything is very modern. I unfortunately arrived in Prague sick, so I stayed for two days in the comfortable duvet-covered bed with lots of fluffy pillows and their cozy terry robe. The mini-bar provided reasonably-priced soft drinks and downright cheap beer and wine. Additionally, Martina and Roberta, the hostesses, were very helpful and kind
(especially while I didn't feel well).

Martina's husband, Milan, owns his own air-conditioned taxi, and we hired him for two days to be our driver and guide. As a native of Prague, he was full of information and very kind and patient in getting us around (mainly outside of Prague proper). His English is excellent. We paid him about $20 per hour, plus a very generous tip (which he deserved).

We have nothing but the highest praise for this wonderful small hotel. I recommend it to anyone going to Prague.

Lisbeth Ash
Dothan, AL

Vienna Hotel

Recently returned from two weeks in Vienna and a short train excursion to Ljubljana and a day-trip to the very southern tip of Slovenia.

In Vienna we stayed at Hotel am Schottenpoint (Währinger Str. 22, tel. +43/01/310/8787, fax 8787-4) and we were treated royally - we will stay there again. In Ljubljana, we weren't all that brave and stayed at Hotel Slon (Slovenska 34, 1000 Ljubljana, tel. 061/1701100, fax 271164), but it was wonderful, and we were again treated royally. If you are interested in some feedback re eating in Vienna and Slovenia, car rental in Ljubljana, or hotels in either place, let me know.

Kay Nyberg
Baton Rouge LA

(Ed. Note: We love feedback. By all means, tell us your favorites and your un-favorites. When mentioning hotels and restaurants, please include, if possible, street addresses, email addresses, and phone and fax numbers.)

Fraundorfer Smitten

I'm a very recent subscriber to your newsletter. In my first issue you wrote about favorite places to have a beer in Europe. What amazed me was that your first and third choices are also my favorite places. One was on a mountain top near Garmisch that we had to take a tram to get to and the other was my very favorite in Partenkirchen, the Gasthof Fraundorfer (Ludwigstrasse 24, tel. +49/08821/9279, fax 92799). I wanted to take the couple with us to a real German Gasthaus and just happened on that one. Our wives wouldn't let us return a second time because of our condition from the night before. Oh, but what a wonderful experience.

I returned to Garmisch last year and was in the center of the shopping district just off the main street facing a barn on a Friday night. Of all the times not to have my camera, that was the worst. It was a scene of Germany of the past. In front of the barn was a long table with farmers getting together for some beers. The area was mud-laden, cows wandered about and the men wore various work clothes as they brought the week to an end with many prosits. It was Germany in a nutshell.

I was stationed in Idar-Oberstein from l960 to l963 and returned for the first time about five years ago. I drove through the old Kaserne where I was stationed as an MP and felt like 18 years-old again. Not a brick or stone had changed. It was as though I'd left the day before. Anyway, just letting you know how I'm enjoying your articles. Thanks and keep it up, wish I were there with you on your journeys.

Bob Long
Satellite Beach FL

Can't Find Maxi-Atlas

I tried to find the ADAC Maxi-Atlas for Germany at in vain. Where did you buy yours? I haven't checked at a regular bookstore yet, but if Amazon could not even come up with the title for Germany, the book might be difficult to find anywhere.

Maurice Veenstra
Williamston MI

(Ed. Note: To the best of our knowledge, the only importer of the ADAC Maxi-Atlas for Germany is Travel Essentials, 264 East Main Street, Ashland OR 97520, tel. 541-482-7383, fax 541-482-7472. You can also order the atlas through Gemütlichkeit at 800-521-6722. Subscribers get a 10% discount.)

July 1999