Berlin Report

We just returned May 7th from a 15- day trip to Berlin, Dresden, Seiffen, Nürnberg and Salzburg. We did not encounter any anti-American comments or treatment. In fact, one gentleman at our Berlin hotel (Art Nouveau) sought me out in the breakfast room to express his feelings of friendship for Americans. It made my day.

The Hotel Art Nouveau was everything you said it was, and more. Herr Schlenzka was very gracious and helpful. What a gracious, spacious old place to stay, about as far away from the "Holiday Inn plastic" as one can get. First time guests need to be aware that the hotel occupies the 4th floor of a professional office building, with only a small sign and a call button outside the locked building door. Our cab driver was convinced that we had given him a wrong address, and it would not be his fault if we found ourselves lost there.

Herr Schlenzka gave us the names of two restaurants, both excellent. Puvogel (Pestalozzistr. 8, 10625 Berlin, tel. +49/030/313 4364, 6pm-1am, no credit cards) serves excellent traditional German food in a quiet friendly atmosphere on a back street which is in easy walking distance from the hotel. Ristorante Tavola Calda (Leibnizstrasse 45, 10629 Berlin, tel. +49/030/324 1048, no cards) is about a block from the hotel on the same street. You walk right past it going to Puvogel. They serve excellent Italian food (Northern, I think, but I'm no expert). And, if you want to speak Italian (I can't), this is your place.

I could go on about Dresden, Seiffen, Nürnberg and Salzburg, and the ease of rail travel. Maybe in another letter. This was a wonderful trip and we can't wait to go back.

Frank Hodapp
via email

June 2003