Salzburg Deal

Last month we published a letter from subscriber Richard Davidson who had high praise for Salzburg's Hotel Mercure. Mr. Davidson is president of SkiAustria, a tour operator specializing in Austrian ski vacations. This winter, his company offers a week in Salzburg at the Mercure for $699 per person, double occupancy, including air fare from New York (modest supplement for departures from other cities). The program is designed for, but is not limited to, skiers. Contact: SkiAustria, 800-333-5533. Editor

Goering Report

R.C. Baker asked about finding Karinhall, Hermann Goering's mansion in the countryside north of Berlin and if Goering's daughter, Edda, is still a nurse in Munich.

Longtime subscriber and expert on postwar Germany, Bob Gillespie, tells us Karinhall was leveled by the Russians in 1945. There is nothing left to see. As to Goering's daughter Edda, she is married to a dentist and still lives in Bavaria. Editor

Int'l Homestays o.k.

In reference to Marge Coughlin's letter (June, 1996) concerning home stay services, I have used this firm on numerous occasions, and have found the company to be extremely reliable and their services more than satisfactory. If one would look at their itinerary of services, and use common sense, the person would know that the firm specializes in Eastern Europe and underdeveloped countries.

This company will try to help the traveler in Western Europe, but that is not their area of greatest expertise. In its field, American International Home Stay is a very good company.

A.J. Dickerson
Dunedin FL

Beer Report

Re: Beer. The best local beer I have tasted in Germany is Ettal, in Kloster Ettal between Oberammergau and Linderhof. Buy it there, I have not seen it outside the immediate area. For international beer, hurrah for Budva. It's available in Oberstdorf (Gemütlichkeit tip) and Athens, Greece, among other places. Look for it, it's worth the effort.

In Munich, try second floor restaurant, Dallmayr (Dienerstr. 14) near the Opera. It is a delicatessen at the level of KaDeWe in Berlin. Some super wine bargains (French mainly). Not touristy at all and very moderately priced.

Dr. Anatol Chiari
Laguna Beach CA
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September 1996