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Recommended Mariazell Hotel

We are not aware of any luxury accommodations in Mariazell, only plain but comfortable Austrian country hotels. We chose the cozy Brauhaus Mariazell, just off the town square, no more than a couple of hundred yards from the church. The friendly restaurant/tap-room is literally in the "lobby" of this little inn where one can usually find a handful of locals in traditional grey and green Styrian dress, mugs in hand. There are just two sleeping rooms but both are charming and have the necessary conveniences. The "waterbed suite" rents for around $95 per night and the more traditional "brewmaster's room" goes for about $50 double.

The simple restaurant which specializes in hearty Styrian dishes attracts many locals and the made-on-the-premises beer is very good. Little English is spoken, but the Girrer family couldn't be more accommodating. Contact: Brauhaus Mariazell, Wienerstrasse 5, A-8630 Mariazell, tel. +43/03882/2523, fax 2523 8, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..