This tiny, unique village on the steep side of a Dachstein foothill above the waters of the solemn Hallstättersee, is traversed by one narrow road - restricted to residents and delivery vehicles - which is regulated by five-minute stoplights at each end of town. Its train station is on the lake's opposite shore. Hotels and food are simple and there is little nightlife.

Scenic Hallstatt
Scenic Hallstatt

Top Sights

  • Parish Church
  • Chapel of St. Michael and its charnel house packed with skulls and bones (occupants of the tiny cemetery are exhumed and moved to the charnel house after just a few years in the ground)
  • Heimatmuseum

Suggested Activities

  • Visit the local salt mines
  • Electric boat trip on the lake
  • Excursion to Dachstein Caves

Places to Stay

A Place to Dine

  • Dine at your hotel