When renting a car in Europe be prepared to have your credit card's credit limit reduced by $1000 to $1500. Rental companies will block about that amount—sometimes less, but sometimes more—on your credit card in order to make sure that at the end of the rental you can pay for such additional charges as fuel, additional drivers, extra equipment, and the deductible amount of any insurance you have purchased. It's not a charge to your account but a “hold” on a specific amount that will enable the rental company to charge that amount later on—if necessary

Wait a minute, you say, I'm relying on my credit card's zero deductible insurance coverage so there will be no deductible to pay at the end of the rental. Actually, the rental company probably doesn't know whether your credit card provides collision and theft coverage and, even if they did, in the event of damage you won't be reimbursed by your credit card's insurance company until days or weeks after the end of the rental. Also, you may not have carefully followed the credit card company's rules and thus invalidated its coverage. In that case you'll be responsible for any damage and the rental company wants to know they can get the money you owe them—or at least some of it.

So be sure to check the amount of credit available on your credit card prior to setting off to Europe.

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