Some Websites that book rental cars in Europe boast there's no prepayment, that the amount due will be collected at the time of rental in Europe. What that means, of course, is the rental is guaranteed in euros, not dollars. If the dollar falls, the rental will ultimately cost more than the dollar quoted price. (Of course it can work in your favor, but over the past several years the dollar has steadily slipped in value vs. the euro.)

In addition, since payment will be made in Europe, it is highly likely your credit card will impose a two- or three-percent foreign transaction fee. The fact is, with a euro-guaranteed rate you really won't know how much the rental will cost until you get back to the U.S. and your credit card bill arrives in the mail. Best to get a quote guaranteed in U.S. dollars, prepaid but cancelable without penalty up to and including the day of rental.

Tip: online dollar quotes that do not specifically state that the price is guaranteed in U.S. dollars often using terms such as "approximate" or "about." They are actually guaranteed in euros and are thus only an estimate.

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