There is a belief by some travelers that European rental companies have a policy of charging “hidden” fees to customers without their permission. After 20-plus years in the European car rental business, and having heard from hundreds of customers who felt they had been overcharged, I can assure you that is simply not true and that no rental company has such a policy. There’s too much at stake. Former employees would reveal the plan to the press and the company’s reputation would quickly be destroyed and their revenues evaporate.

Because of the unique and complex nature of the rental car transaction—the customer actually takes possession of a valuable machine and moves it hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles—there will probably always be disputes over charges. The rental company’s first concern is, will the customer return the car? And, assuming normal wear, will the car be in the same condition when it was returned as when it left our premises? Finally, what are the terms of the rental? What is included in the price and what is not? In these issues lie the seeds of nearly all rental car disputes.

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