As most readers know, for the past 16 years we have booked all our rental customers through Auto Europe. The principal reasons are competitive rates, service, and post-rental resolution of disputed charges.

When we started renting cars 23 years ago, it quickly became apparent that without satisfactory performance in these three areas we could not be successful.

Rates: Auto Europe rents 1.8 million cars worldwide annually. That volume gives AE huge leverage when negotiating rates with the major rental car suppliers. That’s great for us because in every case, AE’s lowest rates are available to us and to our customers. And, when another company’s rate is lower, AE will beat that rate…provided, of course, that all terms and conditions are the same.

Service: The car rental nightmare is arriving at the counter to find the rental company has no record of your booking, or doesn't have the category of vehicle promised. Auto Europe provides our customers with a “safety-net” toll-free-from Europe phone number that is staffed by real live rental agents around the clock, . If you’re at the rental counter and XYZ rental company says, “sorry we don’t have that car available”—and you've already demanded to see the manager but to no avail—you don’t want to talk to XYZ, you need an advocate; someone who knows how to contact supervisors and VPs at XYZ. Someone who can, if all else fails, re-book you with ABC rental company—and, depending on the circumstances, very likely keep your same rate.

Post Rental: Mistakes and misunderstandings happen. If ABC rental company puts an erroneous charge on your credit card, would you rather contact ABC yourself or deal with it through us and draw on the leverage of Auto Europe in resolving your dispute? While not every post-rental issue ends in the customer’s favor, working with us through Auto Europe’s customer service department provides a fair hearing and ensures the terms of the contract are properly applied.

Auto Europe has our back, which, in turn, enables us to have yours.

Book your rental car in Europe with Gemütlichkeit's travel department and get the best rates, personalized, knowledgeable service and our unique at-the-rental-counter safety net that ensures our customers get what they are promised. We book with all the major companies in more than 35 countries. If you have questions about rentals in Europe, or simply prefer to deal in-person, phone us at 800-521-6722.