Explore the backroads of Germany via rental car
Explore the backroads of Germany via rental car

City of Frankfurt

Car Rental in Frankfurt

More cars are rented to tourists arriving in Frankfurt than any other German city. The airport is conveniently located near an extensive Autobahn network that allows the car rental traveler to be quickly en route to all points of the compass. Frankfurt's central location is half a day's drive to many of the Continent's most visited cities.

  • Frankfurt to Amsterdam: 443 km/277 miles, approx. driving time 4:09
  • Frankfurt to Berlin: 555 km/347 miles, approx. driving time 5:06
  • Frankfurt to Munich: 393 km/246 miles, approx. driving time 3:47
  • Frankfurt to Paris: 572 km/358 miles, approx. driving time 5:21
  • Frankfurt to Prague: 511 km/319 miles, approx. driving time 4:44
  • Frankfurt to Salzburg: 541 km/338 miles, approx. driving time 5:00
  • Frankfurt to Vienna: 736 km/460 miles, approx. driving time 6:36
  • Frankfurt to Zürich: 413 km/258 miles, approx. driving time 3:49

Rental car categories that are hard-to-find in smaller towns are available in Frankfurt. There is probably a greater selection of Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, and Porsche rental cars than in any city on earth.

All the major rental companies—Avis, Hertz, Europcar, Sixt, as well as several of the second-tier suppliers—have counters in both airport terminals. For all the top suppliers it is not necessary to ride a shuttle bus to take possession of a rental car, the vehicles are directly on airport property. In Terminal 1, Europcar is open 24 hours, Hertz is open 6am to 1am, and Avis serves customers from 6am to 10pm. Terminal 2 hours are Avis, 6am-10pm; Hertz, 6am-11pm, and Europcar, 6am-12:30am.

Contact phone numbers airport rental counters:

  • Avis +49 (0) 69 - 690 - 27771
  • Europcar +49 (0) 180 - 58000
  • Hertz +49 (0) 69-694-073

The Frankfurt Airport terminals are connected by the free SkyLine train which leaves every 2-3 minutes. Travel time is 2 minutes

A free bus that departs every 10 minutes also connects the two terminals.

Off-Airport Frankfurt Car Rentals

For travelers who wish to avoid the 20-percent fee charged on rentals that originate at the Frankfurt Airport (and all other German airports), the village of Kelsterbach, less than three miles from the airport, has Avis and Europcar offices. There are no free shuttles from the airport to these rental locations but the taxi ride is brief and thus relatively inexpensive.

  • Avis, Kelsterbach, open 7am-noon, Monday-Friday, Grenzweg 9, tel. 06107 9052-50 (Directions from Airport)
  • Europcar, Kelsterbach, open 7am-6pm, Monday-Friday, 7am-noon, Saturday, Kleiner Kornweg 2-4, tel. 06107 79010 (Directions from Airport)

City offices of Frankfurt rental companies are 15-20 minutes by taxi (20-30 euros) from the airport. Though there are rental car counters at Frankfurt’s Hauptbahnhof, those tempted to try to avoid the 20-percent airport fee by taking the train from the airport to the main rail station, are advised that the same 20-percent charge is levied at German rail stations.

Key Frankfurt Area Car Rental Locations

  1. Europcar, Kleiner Kornweg 2-4, Kelsterbach, tel. 061 07 79010
  2. Avis, Grenzweg 9, Kelsterbach, tel. 061 07 905250
  3. Avis, Schmidtstrasse 39, Frankfurt, tel. 069 73011-1
  4. Hertz, Camberger Strasse 21, Frankfurt, tel. 069 242526-27
  5. Europcar, Hanauer Landstrasse 334, tel. 069 9421560

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