rsz mercedes benz 1370536 640By far the best deal on a European car rental is in Germany.

Book an intermediate category car and receive a free, guaranteed-in-writing upgrade to a full-size category car with GPS. Cars in the full-size category include the Mercedes Benz C-Class, Audi A4, BMW 3 series, and others.

The price for one-week is $216 plus about $10 in road tax. The two week price is $367. (This same car is priced for one week at $386 at the Avis website).

We’ve been doing this deal with Avis on and off for the past 20 years but the price has never been this low. Right now the deal is “on” and you can book the upgrade for any dates between now and June 30, 2017. In winter months the price includes winter tires. Since pre-paid bookings can be canceled right up to the day of rental for a full refund, there is no reason not to book immediately.

This intermediate to full-size-with-GPS upgrade is available only in major German cities: Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart, Hamburg, and Düsseldorf, and is limited to manual transmission vehicles.

The deal is available exclusively through us (call 800-521-6722 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Get a written quote.

Example prices for a full-size category car in major European cities:

  • $326 Amsterdam
  • $391 Brussels
  • $394 Milan
  • $402 Paris
  • $385 Vienna
  • $557 Zurich

(Though some of the above vehicles may come with GPS, it is not guaranteed.)