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Excess reimbursement reality: what if there is damage but no accident?

Despite the inconvenience involved in obtaining a refund for excess/deductible paid to a rental company, it is possible in some cases. But in many circumstances, getting your money back will be difficult to the point of impossibility. Here's why.

The vast majority of damage to rental cars in Europe is minor and the renter's responsibility is less than $1,000. Typically, these are scratches and small dents the customer doesn't even notice until they are found by the agent when the vehicle is returned. There is no time then, of course, to obtain a police report. Or how about the traveler who discovers on the morning of departure from Europe that the rental car has been damaged overnight? Once again, there is no time for a police report. Practically speaking, even in cases where the renter is aware of damage and has time to deal with it, convincing the police to visit the vehicle and take a report for a minor scratch, scrape, or dent—especially when no other vehicle is involved—simply may not be possible.

Your Best Option

Book with a company that makes CDW/theft insurance optional, then pay with a credit card that covers collision and theft insurance. Coverage will be zero deductible and will likely extend to many parts of the car not covered by the supplier's insurance. Get a Europe rental car quote.