Yesterday the euro fell to 1.15 vs. the U.S. dollar. In other words you can now buy one euro for $1.15. Last year on this date a euro cost $1.37. The hotel room that rented for 100 euros (there are many in that price range) cost $137. Today’s it’s $115. And remember, the price of oil has dropped dramatically. Last year, a gallon of diesel in Germany hovered near the $8 mark. Today it’s about $5.15. A €3 beer is $3.45 instead of $4.11. Folks, it's time to go to Europe.

A Volkswagen Passat

The euro’s drop in value and lower fuel prices are affecting nearly all aspects of European travel. In January 2014, we thought rental car prices were low. (Indeed they were, but then increased through spring and summer.) This year they are even lower. In January 2014, a compact VW Golf with automatic transmission booked for one week in June cost $257 in Germany. Today the rate for that same car is $222. Since you can always cancel, we suggest booking now to lock-in rates that are sure to go up when demand for cars soars over the next few weeks and the euro recovers. Maybe it won’t recover you say? No problem. If rates continue to go down just cancel your reservation and re-book at lower rates

Though we've seen no immediate change, lower fuel costs will eventually affect air and cruise fares. Europe hasn’t been cheap for many years, but 2015 is shaping to be the most affordable in recent memory.

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