Customer Praise for Gemütlichkeit

"Each month, when the postman brings Gemütlichkeit, everything in the office stops. I immediately sit down and read every word. As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to travel in these countries, it's the bible.'"
-Charles Atwood, Los Angeles CA

"I want you to know we had the best car rental service ever! We rented in Mannheim and received an upgrade as promised, a Volvo diesel wagon, which, of course, saved us a lot of money. When we returned the car to Kelsterbach, they were nice enough to give a ride back to the hotel, gratis. Many, many thanks"
-Linde Richardson, Fort Orange, FL

"If you expect to travel to these countries, and want to do something other than join a packaged coach tour, then you're almost certainly going to find the information, advice, and recommendations of great assistance."
-David Rowell, The Travel Insider