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This is still a charming country hotel with a good restaurant, but the signs are not good. Our assessment, of course, is based on one overnight, one dinner and one breakfast. It's possible but doubtful we just hit the Feiler at a very busy time, but details like limp salad greens, dirty tablecloths, and rushed, impersonal service are not evidence of too many customers but of lowered standards. And where, in all this was Herr Feiler? When we walked through the restaurant after dinner on the way to our room, we noticed him at a table with friends. Did we feel slighted? Not in the least. We don't know him, he doesn't know us. But Rome was burning and Feiler was fiddling.

The restaurant seating business is a special concern. Why would hotel guests be taken to such a remote table when other, better ones, were available? Is this standard operating procedure for American tourists - whom management surmises will never return? Let's hope not. Our overall impression is that the Feiler is now tremendously successful and has sacrificed quality for quantity. Too bad.

To reach the Feiler by car, proceed east from the Pegnitz/Grafenwhr exit of the Nürnberg-Bayreuth Autobahn. The closest rail station is in Ebermannstadt, which is about a 14-minute bus ride from Wiesenttal/Muggendorf.
Contact: Hotel Feiler, Oberer Markt 4, Wiesenttal/Muggendorf, D-01346, tel. +49/09196, 9295-0, fax 362. Proprietor: Horst Feiler
Daily Rates: Singles €50 to 65, doubles €79 to 90, apartments €115, suites €140
Hotel Rating: Quality 12/20, Value 12/20
Restaurant Rating: Quality 12/20, Value 10/20