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Although I have no memory of it, Daniela shepherded me to the train and led me the rest of the way home. If not for her, who knows?

Yes, for this budget traveler the evening was free of charge. But nothing's really free it is? My payment came due the next morning. It's a story most have experienced and all have heard.

Daniela and her family thought it all pretty hilarious and I don't blame them. My cranium felt as though it was split down the middle. Amazingly my stomach felt fine. But never before or since has my head hurt like that. I awoke at about 8am and tried, with all my addled ability, not to move a single muscle until well after noon.

When finally in London six weeks later, it took me more than a few minutes on the phone to remind Graeme who I was and why I was calling him. We met for a cordial beer and had a stilted chat. Turns out my dear friend Graeme and I had little in common other than one big night at the Oktoberfest.

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