Why purchasing air tickets through a travel professional may be a better deal than buying online or directly from an airline.

“The advantage of using a travel agent is that you have an ally who understands the ins and outs of dealing with the airlines. But when you book online, you're on your own. Whichever Web site you use, make sure it lists a phone number—you'll need to speak to a person if you have a problem. Understand the restrictions and additional fees (such as a service charge or delivery fee that shows up only when you're in the final stage of booking). Personally, I'd rather have my travel agent do the work.Rick Steves, America’s Europe Travel Guru

Personal Service

You deal with a real live person, a professional that knows you by name, is familiar with your travel situation, and available by phone and email—and will be your advocate throughout the travel cycle; before, during and after the trip. With online sellers and the airlines, you get whomever answers the phone.

Professional Expertise

With our WorldSpan Global Distribution System (GDS) we can easily handle trips with multiple destinations and connections, and can advise the cheapest options for complicated itineraries. We know if an open jaw works best, or if a nearby airport has a better fare. We do the research and provide multiple options.

We've Got Your Back

Through the GDS and our relationship with the airlines, we are informed first of schedule changes and cancellations. If conflicts occur because of changes or cancellations we often resolve the issue before the client even has to become involved.

Holding your Hand in an Emergency

Within the past couple of years weather and natural events (volcanic ash clouds) have halted or slowed air travel on a massive scale. Travelers who booked online, or directly with an airline, often spent hours on hold waiting to change their bookings. At, however, we took the initiative to contact and service most of our customers before they even realized their flights were affected.

Seat Assignments

With some airlines we can arrange seat assignments that are not available to online buyers.

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